On International Day of the Midwife, specialist midwife Lucy shares why her role is so special

Our private maternity and delivery service is supported by the trusted maternity team at Kingston Hospital and we want to wish them all a very Happy International Day of the Midwife.

Below, Lucie, our Specialist Midwife, shares just how special her role is, how the maternity team continued to provide outstanding care during the Covid-19 pandemic and wonderful comments from a new mum who received support from us after giving birth to a baby girl.

Lucie says: “Many people often ask me what it is like to deliver a baby but being a midwife is a lot more than the delivery itself. I am often involved from the early stages of when a positive pregnancy test has just been discovered through to the duration of the pregnancy and early postnatal period.

She continues: “During the pandemic Kingston Private Health maternity continued to provide outstanding care to women and their families, welcoming many babies. Even though the pandemic presented both professional challenges and personal ones – I had to leave my own lockdown puppy at home – I found working during the pandemic rewarding and I am extremely proud to be part of a fantastic team who have supported each other.

“Being part of the women’s journey and meeting new life is wonderful.”

Lucie also shares the below testimonial from a new mother who recently received care from our midwives.

The new mum said: “We received wonderful dedicated care from the team of midwives at Kingston Private Health, following the birth of our little girl. After a long labour – with a number of interventions – we were supported and cared for every step of the way in the days we spent recovering and getting to grips with feeding and caring for our baby.

The midwife team were always by our side, but equally knew when to give us time as a family to find our own feet. Support in terms of feeding, bathing baby and my recovery process was all invaluable and crucial in making our experience of the birth and early days a truly positive one, when it could have been very challenging.

“We felt comfortable to let the amazing midwives take over looking after our little girl for a few hours when sleep and recuperation was needed; equally, we could call on them to stand by and guide us the rest of the time as we muddled along doing feeds and nappy changes.

“I would not hesitate to use Kingston Private Health midwife care again if we have another baby – it set us up with such a solid foundation and now that we are home the benefit of those early days of care is even more apparent.”

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