NHS Amenity Patients

If you are an NHS patient, you may be able to benefit from the use of one of our amenity beds. Amenity beds are available to NHS patients who wish to pay for the privacy of a single en-suite room whilst their treatment remains on the NHS. All of our amenity beds are located within Kingston Private Health, the dedicated Private Patient Unit at Kingston Hospital.

Is an amenity patient the same as a private patient?

No. By occupying an amenity bed, you will not become a private patient. You will remain an NHS patient and all aspects of the clinical services you are provided with will be the same as for other NHS patients. The difference between an amenity patient and a private patient is that you do not pay a fee to your specialist as you will remain under the care of the NHS.

Can I book an amenity bed?

Yes, however please be aware that all our amenity beds are subject to availability. Although we will endeavour to meet your request, we cannot guarantee that an amenity bed will be available throughout your stay. The only way to guarantee having a single room is by having your treatment as a private patient. Please see our Amenity Beds Terms of Business for further information.

How much does it cost?

The standard overnight rate for an NHS amenity bed is £385. All of our bedrooms are equipped for your comfort and medical care. They include an en-suite bathroom, remote-control television (providing a selection of Freeview channels), telephone and a nurse-call system. Freshly-laundered towels are provided daily and we provide a range of complimentary toiletries. You and your guests will also benefit from the use of free Wi-Fi throughout your stay.

In addition, you can choose from the private patient menu, offering freshly cooked meals which are prepared on the ward. We can cater for dietary, cultural and religious requirements. Please do feel free to speak to one of our friendly support staff or make us aware of such requests ahead of your arrival.

Are there any other reasons why I may not be able to transfer to an amenity bed?

Other than availability, there may be other reasons why a request for an amenity bed may not be accepted. There are several clinical requirements that must be met before you can be considered to transfer as an amenity patient. For example, if your condition is such that you need specialist nursing care, e.g. in the Intensive Care Unit, you will be unable to be transferred to an amenity bed until your condition stabilises and you are ready to be transferred to a standard NHS ward area.

Please be aware that the lead consultant responsible for your care will need to agree to your transfer before you can be admitted to the ward as an amenity patient. Their decision is final.

Additionally, Kingston Private Health reserves the right to refuse the transfer of an amenity patient if they have a poor credit history with the Trust.

When will I need to pay?

Payment is due in full prior to transfer to Kingston Private Health. If, due to an emergency admission, full payment cannot be made you will be invoiced within 7 days of discharge and full payment must be made within seven days.

How can I pay?

Patient accounts may be settled by debit or credit card. All forms of major debit and credit cards are accepted, except American Express.

Further information

For all amenity patient enquiries and bookings, please get in touch with us or call us on 0208 546 6677.