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  1. Dr Pai offers paediatric allergy testing

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    Our Paediatric Consultant, Dr Pai, now offers allergy testing for children.

    An allergy is a response or hypersensitivity to a substance that would normally be harmless but it produces a reaction in your body.

    Allergies cause immune system reactions ranging from a runny nose to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

    Allergy testing measures the amount of IgE (allergy) antibodies in your blood. IgE antibodies are produced when your body reacts to substances that you might be allergic to, such as specific foods. A variety of methods is available for allergen-specific IgE tests.

    In order to deal with allergy symptoms most effectively, it is first necessary to determine what is causing an allergy. Allergy tests provide specific information about what you are allergic to and indicate what foods and inhalants are associated with antibodies that may cause allergic reactions.

    Below are details of what we can test for at Kingston Private Health. Please get in touch or telephone: 020 85466677 if you would like to find out more.

  2. Celebrating International Day of the Midwife

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    Each year we come together to celebrate International Day of the Midwife. This global event recognises the dedication, passion, and expertise of midwives internationally in providing care to women, birthing people and their families. 

    Midwife Lucie with the newest member of the Paul family and older sister

    With permission from the Paul family we share this photo of their new arrival and proud big sister with Lucie Seacroft (Lead midwife for Kingston Private Health). This is just one of many families supported from pregnancy to parenthood here at Kingston Private Health. 

    Midwifery is a partnership between a woman and her midwife, based on mutual respect and trust.  

    Maternity care at Kingston Private Health offers a joined-up care approach with midwifery and obstetric care. In our private patient unit, we are unique in offering one-to-one postnatal midwifery support which is included in any maternity package. 

    Our team works together to ensure the best possible experience for women birthing people and their families. We offer a family-centered approach ensuring each pregnancy journey is personalised and memorable.

    Thank you to all our hard working midwives who have cared for and continue to care for our Kingston maternity families. 

    Happy #IDM2023 to midwives and women everywhere!

  3. Healthcare Assistant gains his Master’s Degree in Dementia Care

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    Our hugest congratulations go to our Healthcare Assistant, Ferdinard, who has graduated with a Master’s Degree in Dementia Care. Ferdinard completed his studies whilst working full-time to provide care to our patients.

    Ferdinard also recently received this fantastic feedback: “My mother-in-law is recovering from hip replacement surgery and Ferdinard has been really lovely in his care of her.

    “He is really cheerful, funny in his dealings with her (which she loves) and thorough in his care, with great attention to detail.

    “Ferdinard’s reassuring nature has really helped her as she’s had a couple of difficult years, health wise.”

    Well done Ferdinard, from all at Team Kingston Private Health.

  4. Covid-19 update May 2022

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    If you have been COVID-19 positive in the last 10 days, or you are a household contact of someone who has been COVID-19 positive in the last 10 days, or you have any Covid, cold or flu like symptoms (a runny nose, sore throat, cough, temperature, headache, loss of smell or taste) please call 0208 934 2875 to rearrange your appointment.

    To keep you and our staff safe and to minimise the risks of spreading infections there are a number of precautions that we are asking everyone to take:

    Please wear a mask.  If you are mask exempt, please ask a receptionist for a face shield. 

    Please wash or sanitise your hands regularly while you are on the hospital site.

  5. KPH wins #endPJparalysis award

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    We are delighted to win the “End PJ Paralysis” award for May. We achieved 100% compliance by ensuring all our patients were dressed and out of bed each day.

    The #EndPJparalysis challenge aims to improve recovery, shorten hospital stays and boost morale of patients and staff by encouraging patients to get up and dressed every day, where practical.

    Find out more about the PJ Paralysis campaign here.

  6. Going red for research!

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    Our staff at Kingston Private Health are delighted to support the Research and Innovation Team at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and #Red4Research Day. COVID-19 has affected many colleagues & patients across the Trust so today is a perfect opportunity to collectively demonstrate support and appreciation for all those involved in Covid_19 research.

  7. Our Ward sister receives award for long service

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    Our huge congratulations go to Jan, one of our Ward Sisters, who has received a long-service award.

    Jan says: “It’s almost 44 years since I began my nursing career. I sometimes wonder what my 18-year-old self would make of the changes in nursing. From Australian lifts to sliding sheets and hoists, starched aprons and pleated hats to scrubs and crocs.

    “Through all the ups and downs and tears what hasn’t changed – and I believe never will – is the difference it makes to a patient and their family to be treated with kindness, empathy and dignity. Nursing never fails to keep me motivated and interested.”

  8. On International Day of the Midwife, specialist midwife Lucy shares why her role is so special

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    Our private maternity and delivery service is supported by the trusted maternity team at Kingston Hospital and we want to wish them all a very Happy International Day of the Midwife.

    Below, Lucie, our Specialist Midwife, shares just how special her role is, how the maternity team continued to provide outstanding care during the Covid-19 pandemic and wonderful comments from a new mum who received support from us after giving birth to a baby girl.

    Lucie says: “Many people often ask me what it is like to deliver a baby but being a midwife is a lot more than the delivery itself. I am often involved from the early stages of when a positive pregnancy test has just been discovered through to the duration of the pregnancy and early postnatal period.

    She continues: “During the pandemic Kingston Private Health maternity continued to provide outstanding care to women and their families, welcoming many babies. Even though the pandemic presented both professional challenges and personal ones – I had to leave my own lockdown puppy at home – I found working during the pandemic rewarding and I am extremely proud to be part of a fantastic team who have supported each other.

    “Being part of the women’s journey and meeting new life is wonderful.”

    Lucie also shares the below testimonial from a new mother who recently received care from our midwives.

    The new mum said: “We received wonderful dedicated care from the team of midwives at Kingston Private Health, following the birth of our little girl. After a long labour – with a number of interventions – we were supported and cared for every step of the way in the days we spent recovering and getting to grips with feeding and caring for our baby.

    The midwife team were always by our side, but equally knew when to give us time as a family to find our own feet. Support in terms of feeding, bathing baby and my recovery process was all invaluable and crucial in making our experience of the birth and early days a truly positive one, when it could have been very challenging.

    “We felt comfortable to let the amazing midwives take over looking after our little girl for a few hours when sleep and recuperation was needed; equally, we could call on them to stand by and guide us the rest of the time as we muddled along doing feeds and nappy changes.

    “I would not hesitate to use Kingston Private Health midwife care again if we have another baby – it set us up with such a solid foundation and now that we are home the benefit of those early days of care is even more apparent.”

    Find out more about our maternity services.

  9. Our dermatology expert shares tips for your skincare when wearing a mask

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    From 24 July, it will be compulsory to wear a face mask or covering in shops in England. Here, our Consultant Nurse in Dermatology, Alberto Barea, shares his tips for looking after your skin.

    Frequent hand washing and prolonged use of face masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) can irritate the skin and, in some cases, induce contact dermatitis (a type of eczema triggered by contact with a specific substance).

    As the requirements of face covering and frequent hand washing are vital for controlling the spread of the virus and these measures are expected to remain in place for months to come, it is important to be prepared and prevent any problems with some good skin care.

    My top tips are:

    • Keep your skin clean and well moisturised: apply a lotion-based moisturiser to the face 20-30 minutes before wearing a face mask.
    • Apply hand moisturiser (a cream or ointment) frequently throughout the day to prevent skin irritation from hand sanitisers and handwashing. Pat dry rather than rubbing your hands with a towel.
    • Take time to fit your mask. Ensure all folds in your mask have been used to optimise the correct fit for you and do not over-tighten.
    • If you feel your mask is digging in, move away from direct people contact, remove the mask and allow the skin to recover for approximately five minutes.
    • Check the face mask does not build up excessive moisture. If it feels wet inside it is likely to lose its protective function and will need to be replaced anyway.
    • Ensure you wash your face, and gently pat it dry with a tissue or towel before reapplying a new mask.
    • Regularly inspect your skin for signs of redness/soreness. It is important that you take regular breaks (I recommend every two hours) from wearing a mask to relieve the pressure and reduce moisture build-up.
    • Stay well hydrated throughout the day.

    Find out more about Mr Barea and the services he offers at Kingston Private Health.

  10. Covid-19 information (updated Dec 20)

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    Kingston Private Health and the NHS is well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases, and measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the public and patients whilst NHS staff ensure services continue to be available. Please see our infographic below to show our main measures in place.

    infographic displaying covid measures

    In line with national guidance and those of the wider Trust, we are currently unable to allow visitors to the Unit. We kindly ask family members to instead keep in touch via telephone or video calls, where possible.

    Exceptions to visitor restrictions will be made only in the following circumstances:

    • If a patient is receiving end-of-life care
    • Children under 16 on our inpatient wards – one parent or carer is allowed at a time.  Unfortunately, siblings are unable to visit at the moment
    • Women in labour in our maternity unit – one birthing partner allowed

    Visitors will be asked about possible Covid-19 symptoms, required to sanitise their hands and wear a mask and other PPE to meet infection control requirements.  We ask for your help in respecting this guidance. Thank you.

    The most up-to-date public guidance on Covid-19 is always online at